A fire, without a doubt, is one of the most stressful events that can occur in anyone’s life.  The damage to your home or business and personal property is devastating, both physically and emotionally. With R. Miller Construction, Inc. (R. Miller Construction) you will be placing your trust in a family owned and operated business that has proven itself for over twenty years. We are here to accompany you throughout the entire restoration process until your home or business has been restored to its original condition with professional and courteous fire and smoke damage repair services. R. Miller Construction will keep you and your adjustor informed as each step is planned and completed.



The first 24 hours after a fire are the most critical. As soon as you contact our 24-hour response line, our emergency crew takes over for you, responding within two hours from the time that we receive the call. When fire or smoke damage occurs in your home or business, R. Miller Construction’s professional team will immediately, while working with you, local authorities and your insurance company, assess the severity of the damage. We will then quickly take steps to stabilize, secure, and, if needed, begin the drying and mitigation process to prevent any further damage to the structure or your personal property.  Our contents restoration manager will if needed, immediately schedule for the pickup of your clothing and electronics, and will take the precautionary steps to protect and preserve your belongings until they are properly restored to their original quality.


Fires both big and small can cause major damage to the interior of a structure and its contents. During a fire, smoke and soot migrate to other areas of the structure that may go unnoticed by the undertrained technician. Smoke residue has a highly acidic nature and can cause certain items to corrode, oxidize, and/or deteriorate. Our professionally trained, IICRC certified technicians will identify these areas and understand how imperative it is to use the proper techniques and applications to remove residues and embedded odors.  Depending on levels and types of smoke damage, certain cleaning and odor removal techniques will be required.  Our highly trained and experienced fire and smoke restoration professionals have the extensive knowledge and professional cleaning techniques to get your property back to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible, without sacrificing work quality or premium customer service.

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  • Time is of the essence. Secondary damage, health and environmental issues can begin the moment the fire is extinguished. Immediate emergency response is imperative.
  • Determine the extent of the fire, smoke, and soot damage to the structure.
  • Isolate the damaged area to protect the remainder of the property from further damage from water and smoke odors.
  • Board up windows, doors, and exterior exposures to secure the property andcontents from weather and theft.
  • Remove or isolate the contents as needed and digitally catalog each item. Items that can be restored are separated out from those that are not salvageable. Restorable items are boxed and transported to our warehouse as needed. Extra care will be taken with your keepsakes.
  • Remove and dispose of the fire related debris.
  • Determine any hazardous material that may have been exposed and encapsulate and dispose of it properly.
  • Place the necessary equipment on site to immediately begin treating air quality, smoke odor and remove any standing water or high humidity levels.
  • We understand the emotional stress our customer is under. We communicate with the customer while we are restoring their contents including: electronics, furniture, equipment, clothing, drapery, and documents. We provide the property owner a detailed list of the items that were determined to be unsalvageable.
  • An ozone chamber may be used at the company warehouse to remove smoke odors for smaller items such as curtains, clothing, books, or paper.
  • Establish the project scope, timeline and budget to bring the property back to pre-loss condition.
  • Work with the property owners, local authorities and insurance company representatives to assess the damage and approve the action plan.
  • Provide temporary utilities on site as needed.
  • Acquire proper permits to begin reconstruction which may include a structural engineer report and/or architectural drawings.
  • From one room to an entire building, we can frame, rebuild, and finish an entire structure.
  • As a licensed general contractor we manage the entire project. We are the only call you have to make. We will organize and coordinate the work of all our craftsmen including: carpenters, roofers, electricians, plumbers, drywall installers, painters, carpet and tile installers and communicate with you and your insurance company throughout the process.
  • Complete restoration to meet current building codes.
  • Final clean after all re-construction has been completed.
  • Arrange necessary inspections to meet local codes as well as mortgage company, insurance company and property management standards.
  • Move personal property back into your home or business at your direction, as needed.